Table 1

Attributes and levels included in the study and constraints applied prior to analysis





Symptom relief provided by your treatment



A little



> Mostly

> A little

Inhaled steroid dose

Always a low dose

High dose when required but generally as little as possible

High and regular steroid use

NOMINAL (with constraints)

Always low > Always high (no other assumptions made)

Use of a written personalised asthma action plan (PAAP)

Full written instructions are provided by your doctor or nurse on how to recognise worsening asthma and how to alter your therapy yourself

Brief written note is provided on how to take your medication

No written instructions are provided



Asthma crisis management

You are encouraged to:

Manage an asthma crisis yourself whenever possible

Attend your local GP in the event of an asthma crisis

Attend hospital in the event of an asthma crisis

NOMINAL (with constraints)

GP>Hospital Yourself>Hospital (no assumption on Yourself v GP)

Number of different inhalers

A single inhaler is provided to you which contains all the inhaled medication you need for the management of your asthma

No more than two inhalers are provided for the management of your asthma

Three inhalers are provided to you for the management of your asthma


1>at most 2>3

Controlling your asthma symptoms

You are encouraged to:

Change your own therapy in response to changes in your symptoms without consulting a doctor or a nurse

Speak to a doctor or nurse before making changes to treatment



Haughney et al. BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2007 7:16   doi:10.1186/1471-2466-7-16

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