Table 4

A multivariate logistic regression model for pH1N1 illness acquisition in adults and ethnicity, stratified by Toronto residence
Wave 1
Ethnic group* OR (95% CI)
Not Residing in Toronto
White ref
East/Southeast Asian 1.86 (0.57-6.08)
South Asian 9.95 (2.17-45.59)
Black 14.61 (1.49-143.36)
Other 2.26 (0.68-7.53)
Residing in Toronto
White ref
East/Southeast Asian 6.80 (1.02-45.51)
South Asian 2.32 (0.29-18.79)
Black 4.20 (0.38-46.46)
Other 1.50 (0.17-13.48)

*This was based on the question “People in Canada come from many different ethnic and racial backgrounds. I would like you to identify which ethnicity best describes you. You may choose more than one category.” The ethnic groupings were based on the categories similar to Statistics Canada definitions.

For adults, all models were adjusted for age, sex, children in household, material deprivation, chronic conditions, receipt of 2008 seasonal vaccine, tested prior to June 11th, 2009, length of stay in Canada

Navaranjan et al.

Navaranjan et al. BMC Public Health 2014 14:214   doi:10.1186/1471-2458-14-214

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