Table 1

Data sources used to assess implementation of the ‘Hands up for Max!’ educational resource
Implementation aspect assessed
Data source Sample Date of data collection Reach Dose Fidelity Acceptability Sustainability
Log sheets recording communication with schools 178 schools X X X X
  88 intervention Oct 2009-
  90 control Dec 2011
Interviews with staff coordinating intervention delivery 2 HPA, 1 University staff May 2010 X X X
4 HPA, 1 University staff Mar-Jun 2012
Direct observation of intervention delivery 4 intervention schools: Lesson delivery was observed in one KS1 and one KS2 class at each school; Use of the DVD and other intervention components was observed in each of the 4 schools Nov-Dec 2009 X X X
Pupil focus groups 8 focus groups: 2 focus groups (1 lower and 1 upper KS2 group) at each of the 4 intervention schools, with a total of 49 pupils (19 male, 30 female) Nov-Dec 2009 X X
Interviews with teachers 8 interviews: 2 interviews (1 KS1 and 1 KS2 class teacher) at each of the 4 intervention schools, all female Nov-Dec 2009 X X X

Note. HPA Health Protection Agency, KS Key Stage.

Chittleborough et al.

Chittleborough et al. BMC Public Health 2013 13:757   doi:10.1186/1471-2458-13-757

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