Table 2

List of ICF-based functioning properties value set for an ICD code
Domains ICF codes
Understanding Watching d110
Listening d115
Learning d130-d155
Focusing attention d160
Reading d166
Writing d170
Calculating d172
Solving problems d175
Other specified
Communication Communicating with others d310
Speaking d330
Starting a conversation d3500
Sustaining a conversation d3501
Other …
Mobility Standing d4104
Bending d4105
Maintaining a body position d415
Transferring oneself d420
Lifting and carrying objects d430
Fine hand use d440
Hand and arm use d445
Walking short distances d4500
Walking long distances d4501
Vigorous activities d455
Moving around within home d4600
Moving around outside the home and other buildings d4602
Using transportation d470
Driving d475
Other …
Self-Care Washing oneself d510
Caring for body parts d520
Urination d5300
Defecation d5301
Dressing d540
Eating d550
Drinking d560
Managing one’s health (needs, assistance or oversight) d570
Other …
Interpersonal Relations Making friends d7200
Engaging with other people d740
Maintaining family relationships d760
Dealing with strangers d730
Engaging in sexual relationships d7702
Other …
Life Activities
Household Shopping d620
Cooking/preparing meals d630
Doing housework d640
Looking after/helping others d660
Other …
School Attending school d820
Learning a job (vocational training, apprenticeship) d825
Going to university d830
Other …
Work and economic life Engaging in paid work d850
Seeking employment d8450
Performing job related tasks d8451
Handling money d860
Other …
Life management Undertaking a single task d210
Undertaking multiple tasks d220
Carrying out daily routine d230
Handling stress and psychological demands d240
Other …
Social Participation Taking part in social life d910
Sports d9201
Travel d920
Visiting friends d9205
Human rights (e.g. self-determination, equal opportunities) d940
Political life and citizenship (e.g. voting) d950
Other …
Children and Youth Learning to read d140
Learning to write d145
Learning to calculate d150
Communicating with others d310
Speaking d330
Attending school d8201
Taking exams d8202
Playing with others d880

Escorpizo et al.

Escorpizo et al. BMC Public Health 2013 13:742   doi:10.1186/1471-2458-13-742

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