Table 2

Parameter values and assumptions for implementing social distancing into the model
Social distancing parameters
Item Experience Value (range examined) Reference
Proportion of the population intending to engage in social distancing 1. Avoiding crowded places 56% (31-81%) [1,2,51-55]
2. Avoiding public transportation
3. Avoiding public places
4. Changing school / work arrangements
Magnitude of behaviour change Percent reduction in contacts 38% (7 – 69%) [13]
Start of social distancing behaviours Assumption 2 weeks after first imported case Assumption
Number of weeks that behaviour change is maintained Assumption 16 weeks (12 – 24 weeks) [53]
Effect of age on behaviour change Assumption No effect [2,56]


Greer BMC Public Health 2013 13:669   doi:10.1186/1471-2458-13-669

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