Table 1

Summary of the Program SI! Intervention components
Strata Objectives Intervention activities Intervention materials Minimum hours
Children Acquiring KAH regarding the 4 components of Program SI! - Classroom instruction - Didactic units. Including 7 key activities per unit, and associated resources: Sesame Street audiovisuals, books and games, and cooking workshops, and tales on healthy living 70
- Health Fair - Sesame Street Emotion cards
Parents Improving KAH regarding the 4 components of Program SI! - Program SI! by Dr. Fuster (video) - Informative letters and leaflets 12
- Health Fair - Program SI! website
- Healthy tips
Teachers Improving KAH regarding to the 4 components of the PSI! - Program SI! by Dr. Fuster (video) - Training booklet, and associated audiovisual material 30
- Program SI! capacity building: - Intranet continuing education tools
intensive training for teachers, and SHE Foundation’s liaisons - Program SI! website
- Continuing counseling from SHE Foundation’s staff to the liaisons
- Health Fair
School Improving the school environment in regards of healthy environment - Program SI! by Dr. Fuster (video) - Document of healthy recommendations in schools 20
- Periodical meetings between principals and SHE Foundation’s liaison - Program SI! website
- Health Fair

KAH, Knowledge, attitudes and habits.

Peñalvo et al.

Peñalvo et al. BMC Public Health 2013 13:656   doi:10.1186/1471-2458-13-656

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