Table 2

Syphilis screening strategies evaluated in the model
Intervention Description Details
(A) Base case Screen every 12 months • 20% of HIV-negative individuals screened
• 50% of HIV-positive individuals screened
• 60% of regular and 10% of casual partners of infectious index cases treated
• 520 tests performed annually
(B) Increase coverage of screening Increase coverage by 10% Same as (A), but:
• 30% of HIV-negative individuals screened
• 60% of HIV-positive individuals screened
• 720 tests performed annually
(C) Increase frequency of screening Screen every 6 or every 3 months Same as (A), but
• Frequency of screening in population is increased to every 6 (1040 tests annually) or 3 (2080 tests annually) months*
(D) Equivalent number of tests Screen a proportion of the population every 12 months such that the total number tests performedis equivalent to (C) To equal every 6 months:
• 100% of HIV-positive individuals screened and 40% of HIV-negative individuals screened (1040 tests annually)
To equal every 3 months:
• 100% of the population screened (2000 tests annually)*

*Note that there are 80 extra tests required annually for the screen every 3 months strategy, compared to the equivalent number of tests strategy with 100% annual coverage.

Tuite et al.

Tuite et al. BMC Public Health 2013 13:606   doi:10.1186/1471-2458-13-606

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