Table 1

Components and scoring of the New Zealand Diet Quality Index for Adolescents (NZDQI-A)
Component Elements of NZDQI-A Criteria to achieve maximum component score4
‘Variety’ ‘Adequacy’
Score1 (v/V) Indicators in the FQ2 Cut-offs3 Score (A)
FRUIT v/6 Servings of fruit per day5. 0 serving/day 0 Consumed at least 2 daily servings of fruits from 6 varieties in a week.
< 2 serving/day 10
≥ 2 servings/day 20
VEGGIE v/6 Servings of vegetables per day6. 0 serving/day 0 Consumed at least 3 daily servings of vegetables from 6 varieties in a week.
< 3 servings/day 10
≥ 3 servings/day 20
CEREAL v/3 Servings of bread per day. 0 serving/day 0 Consumed at least 6 daily servings of cereals from 3 varieties in a week.
Servings of pasta, rice, muesli, porridge or breakfast cereals per week. < 6 servings/day 10
≥ 6 servings/day 20
DAIRY v/4 Frequency intake of milk (standard and non-standard milk), flavoured milky drink, cheese and yoghurt7 0 serving/day 0 Consumed at least 3 daily servings of milk or milk products from 4 varieties in a week.
< 3 servings /day 10
≥ 3 servings/day 20
MEAT v/7 Servings of meat, chicken, seafood, eggs or meat alternatives eaten per day. 0 serving/day 0 Consumed 1 or 2 daily servings of meat or alternatives (not including processed meats) from 7 varieties in a week.
< 1 serving/day 5
1-2 servings/day 20
> 2 servings/day 10
Total Score = Σ (v/V) x A = FRUIT + VEGGIE + CEREAL + DAIRY + MEAT

Food Questionnaire (FQ), Fruits (FRUIT), Vegetables (VEGGIE), Bread and cereals (CEREAL), Milk and milk products (DAIRY), Meat and alternatives (MEAT).

1 Ratio calculated as the different sub groups (v) consumed at least once in a week (as indicated in the NZAFFQ) divided by the total sub groups (V) in a food group. The food sub groups are outlined in Additional file 1.

2 Refers to questions in the FQ.

3 Based on achievement of the recommended daily servings as suggested by the Ministry of Health [33].

4 For each component, a total score is calculated by multiplying ‘Variety’ (v/V) by ‘Adequacy’ (A). The possible score range is 0 to 20. E.g. For a person who consumes at least two daily servings of fruits from three varieties in a week, FRUIT score = (3/6) × 20 = 10.

5 Include fresh, frozen, canned and stewed fruits.

6 Include fresh, frozen and canned vegetables, including potatoes.

7 Weekly frequency of intake (times per week) for the four sub groups as reported in the NZAFFQ. Weekly frequencies were summed and converted into daily frequencies. One time per day was equivalent to one serving.

Wong et al.

Wong et al. BMC Public Health 2013 13:562   doi:10.1186/1471-2458-13-562

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