Table 6

Final distribution of the OCP items for each culture type
Culture type OCP items
Group Fairness (OCP1)
Respect for the individual’s rights (OCP2)
Tolerance (OCP3)
Being socially responsible (OCP4)
Being people oriented (OCP10)
Being team oriented (OCP11)
Working in collaboration with others (OCP12)
Hierarchical Being careful (OCP19)
Paying attention to detail (OCP20)
Being precise (OCP21)
Being rule oriented (OCP22)
Security of employment Stability (OCP23)
Stability (OCP24)
Developmental Action oriented (OCP13)
A willingness to experiment (OCP14)
Being quick to take advantage of opportunities (OCP16)
Being innovative (OCP17)
Risk taking (OCP18)
Rational Being competitive (OCP5)
Achievement orientation (OCP6)
Having high expectations for performance (OCP7)
Being results oriented (OCP8)
Being analytical (OCP9)

Marchand et al.

Marchand et al. BMC Public Health 2013 13:443   doi:10.1186/1471-2458-13-443

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