Table 6

Grouping of causes of death by codes of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), 9th and 10th revisions
ICD 9th revision ICD 10th revision
Malignant neoplasms 140-239 C
Stomach cancer 150-151 C15, C16
Lung cancer 162 C33, C34
Cancer of intestine and rectum 152-154, 1590 C17-21, C26
Other cancers Other 140-239 Other C
Circulatory diseases 390-459 I
Acute myocardial infarction 410 I21
Other ischaemic heart disease 411-414, 4292 I20, I22-25, I516
Cerebro-vascular disease 430-438 I60-69
Other circulatory diseases Other 390-459 Other I
Respiratory diseases 460-519 J
Alcohol-related diseases 291, 303, 3050, 4255, 5710–5713, 5770, 5771, 860 F10, I426, K70, K85, K860, X45
Accidents and violence 800-999 V, W, X, Y
Suicide 95 X60-84
Homicide 96 X85-99
Traffic accidents 810-825, 9290 V02-04, V090, V092, V12-14, V190-196, V20-79, V803-805, V810-811, V820-821, V83-86, V870-878, V880-888, V890, V892
Falls 880-888, 9293 W00-19
Other accidents and violence Other 800-999 Other V, W, X, Y
All other causes Not 140–239, 390–459, 460–519, 800-999 Not C, I, J, V, W, X, Y

Mustard et al.

Mustard et al. BMC Public Health 2013 13:441   doi:10.1186/1471-2458-13-441

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