Table 3

Cost analyses of vaccination programs in the general population
First author [Reference] Gudnadottir [[22]] Fontanesi [[21]] Haas [[23]]
Country Iceland USA USA
Year 1985 2004 2005
WB income group High High High
Group targeted Children Children Pregnant women
Comparators 1. Vaccinate all children and re-vaccinate women 1. MMR vaccination 1. Rubella test and rubella vaccine
2. Vaccinate girls and sero-negative women 2. DTaP vaccination 2. Rubella test and MMR vaccine
3. Vaccinate all children and re-vaccinate girls 3. IPV vaccination 3. MMR test and MMR vaccine
4. Vaccinate screened women 4. MMR test and rubella/MMR vaccine
Perspective Payer* Payer* Payer*
Cost components measured Vaccine; serology Vaccine; personnel; syringes Vaccine; serology
Method of cost estimation Micro-costing Micro-costing Micro-costing
Time period for costing One-time vaccination at different ages One-time vaccination (complete number of doses) One-time vaccination
Discounting (Rate) NA NA NA
Results (2012 US$) 1. $1,063 1. $30 1. $8
2. $638 2. $23 2. $10
3. $2,409 3. $18 3. $37
4. $283 4. $35
Stated conclusion Vaccination of girls and of women after screening was preferable The MMR vaccine had the highest cost per immunized child The combined MMR test and vaccination was the most costly
Sponsor Iceland MOHSS US CDC NMBS

*Not explicitly reported but inferred.

WB, World Bank; NR, Not Reported; NA, Not Applicable; MOHSS, Ministry of Health and Social Services; MMR, Measles Mumps Rubella; DTaP, Diptheria Mumps Rubella; IPV, Inactivated Polio Vaccine; CDC, Centers for Disease Control; NMBS, Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery.

Babigumira et al.

Babigumira et al. BMC Public Health 2013 13:406   doi:10.1186/1471-2458-13-406

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