Table 2

Framework for assessing the effects of the NTCP on the human resources of DHs
Domain Data collected Source of information
Health service provision
Distribution of hospital staff in general wards and in the TDTC Number and type of personnel recruited by the NTCP Interviews
Identification of the TDTC nurse Criteria for recruiting or identifying the TDTC staff Interviews
Internal migration from general health care to tuberculosis activities Number and type of staff dedicated to tuberculosis activities (date) Interviews
Implementation of tuberculosis control activities Type and number of staff involved in tuberculosis care Interviews Observation
Role of each staff member
Staff incentives from the NTCP Salaries provided by the NTCP Document review Interviews
Type and amount of incentives related to tuberculosis activities
Provider of the incentives
Human resource generation
Recruitment of staff for tuberculosis control Date and reason for change Interviews
Training and supervision of staff Type and date of training by the NTCP Document review Interviews
Number and type of personnel trained or supervised
Content of the training
Competencies acquired for general health care
Supervision Frequency Document review Interviews Observation
Subject of supervision
Process of supervision
Acquisition of skills for health care delivery For tuberculosis activities Interviews
For general health care

Keugoung et al.

Keugoung et al. BMC Public Health 2013 13:265   doi:10.1186/1471-2458-13-265

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