Table 1

Economic variables
Reference/data source
Visit practice nurse (€/minute) 0.85 Vektis, information centre on costs and quality of health care in the Netherlands, established by health care insurers.
Mean salary costs men (€/hour) 32.49 Manual Hakkaart-van Roijen et al. [18]
Mean salary costs women (€/hour) 25.94 Manual Hakkaart-van Roijen et al. [18]
Transportation costs per visit 3.44 1.1 km * €0.20/km (back and forth: €0.44) + €3 parking costs, based on the manual of Hakkaart-van Roijen et al. [18]
Weighing scale 45 Mean price according to the “Consumentenbond” (Dutch consumers organisation)
Pedometer 40 Mean price according to “” (website with reviews on web shops)
Blood pressure device 120 Mean price according to “”
Food diary and step diary 5 Price according to “”
Medication variable 2012 prices according to “”, site of the College of Health Insurances

Tiessen et al.

Tiessen et al. BMC Public Health 2013 13:148   doi:10.1186/1471-2458-13-148

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