Table 1

Conceptual model for hierarchical analysis of factors associated with overweight and malnutrition
Distal Block 1: Environmental and socio-economic
Socio-economic variables
Wealth index
Household type
House floor type
Home ownership
Receipt of benefits
Food production for own consumption
Environmental Variables
Waste collection
Presence of open sewage
Presence of electric power supply
Water well or drinking water treatment Toilet type
Intermediate Block 2: Maternal and paternal characteristics
Marital status
Skin colour
Paid work
Consumption of alcoholic beverages
Time living in the municipality
Maternal height
Maternal body mass index
Block 3: Gestational characteristics
Number of pregnancies
Pre-natal care
Morbidity during pregnancy
Block 4: Access to services and child care
Living with biological parents
Attending nursery or school
Monitoring through health care service
Proximal Block 5: Characteristics of child birth and breastfeeding
Birth weight
Duration of exclusive breastfeeding
Duration of total breastfeeding
Block 6: Morbidity
Self-reported morbidities
Hospitalisation at least once in life
Diagnosis of anaemia
Diagnosis of intestinal parasites

Adapted from UNICEF [20].

Ramalho et al.

Ramalho et al. BMC Public Health 2013 13:1098   doi:10.1186/1471-2458-13-1098

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