Table 1

Selection of ongoing mega-cohort studies in adults
Web site Cohort study Country Country size Focus Sample size Baseline Biologic samples
-- CONOR/HUNT Norway 4,9 Mio Common disease etiology 185′000 1994-1995 Blood webcite Million women study United Kingdom 62,3 Mio Women’s health 1′300′000 1996 - 2001 Blood, saliva, in a sub-sample webcite EPIC Europe 738,2 Mio Nutrition, life style and cancer other diseases 520′000 1997 Blood
-- Mexico city prospective study Mexico 117,4 Mio Major determinants of morbidity and premature mortality 150′000 1998-2004 Blood webcite deCODE Iceland 0.4 Mio Research company 200′000 2000 Various webcite Millennium USA 313,3 Mio US military family cohort 150′000 2001 Not specified webcite Estonian biobank Estonia 1.3 Mio Biologic resource 50′000 2002 Blood webcite Guanghzou Biobank Cohort study China 1339,7 Mio Genetic, lifestyle, occupational and environmental factors, and life course Causes of the common chronic diseases 40′000 2003 Blood, urine webcite China Kandoorie Biobank China 1339,7 Mio Chronic disease etiology, complex interplay of lifestyle, environmental, and genetic susceptibility 500′000 2004-2008 Blood webcite PURE Several countries 3223,7 Mio Maladaptation to urbanization and cardiovascular health 120′000 2006 Blood webcite UK biobank United Kingdom 62,3 Mio Common disease etiology 500′000 2007 - 2010 Blood, saliva, urine webcite LifeLines The Netherlands 16,8 Mio causes and prognosis of burden of disease, co-determinants, rather than comorbidity, family study 165′000 2007 Blood, urine webcite Nutrinet Santé France 65,4 Mio Nutrition and health 500′000 2009 Blood, urine webcite The Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project (CPTP) Canada 34,4 Mio Cancer and chronic disease etiology 300′000 2009 Blood webcite Life gene Sweden 9,4 Mio Nealth and lifestyle 500′000 2011 Blood, urine webcite CONSTANCES France 65,4 Mio Biologic and research resource 500′000 2011 Blood webcite German national cohort Germany 81,8 Mio Common disease etiology 200′000 2012 Blood

Listed by date of baseline examination start.

Imboden and Probst-Hensch

Imboden and Probst-Hensch BMC Public Health 2013 13:1094   doi:10.1186/1471-2458-13-1094

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