Table 4

Risk factors for Salmonella Enteritidis by phage type, Ontario, Canada (n=199)
Outcome a) Exposure OR b)(95% CI c)) P *
PT8 Any dog contact 2.17 (1.01-4.68) 0.047
Pepper consumption 0.35 (0.13-0.94) 0.038
PT13a Any dog contact 0.96 (0.40-2.31) 0.928
Pepper consumption 0.61 (0.23-1.62) 0.321

Final multivariable GLLAMM model adjusted for age groups and gender. Health regions and exposure periods used as random effects. a) PT8, and PT13a, compared to the non-PT8/non-PT13a group. b) OR - Odds Ratio. c) CI – Confidence Interval of the OR. * Statistically significant at P ≤ 0.05.

Varga et al.

Varga et al. BMC Public Health 2012 12:866   doi:10.1186/1471-2458-12-866

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