Table 2

Demographic and substance use variables associated with HCV/HIV co-infection and HCV mono-infection in backward stepwise multinomial regression analysis
HCV and HIV co-infection
Shared syringesa 27.72 13.30-57.76
Number of MMTP enrollments (per time increase) 2.28 1.33-3.90
Number of times incarcerated (per time increase) 2.01 1.71-2.37
Smoking amphetaminea 0.44 0.25-0.76
HCV mono-infection
Number of times incarcerated (per time increase) 1.77 1.52-2.06
Length of drug injection (per year increase) 1.04 1.01-1.07
Smoking amphetaminea 0.49 0.32-0.75
Positive amphetamine urine drug screenb 0.61 0.40-0.93

Reference is HCV/HIV-seronegative cases.

AOR, adjusted odds ratio. CI, confidence interval. HCV, hepatitis C virus. HIV, human immunodeficiency virus. MMTP, methadone maintenance treatment program.

a During the 6 months before enrollment in the MMTP.

b At the time of enrollment in the MMTP.

Yen et al.

Yen et al. BMC Public Health 2012 12:1066   doi:10.1186/1471-2458-12-1066

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