Table 1

Summary of skill-building intervention newsletter objectives, targeted mediators and content

Newsletter Week (no).


Primary communication objective

Secondary objective (barriers and promoters addressed)



Why you should eat more fruit and vegetables and drink water

- Health benefits

- How much to eat/drink

- Set goals to increase amount of vegetables


Self-efficacy for healthy eating, perceived affordability of fruit & vegetables

Planning for healthy eating

- Planning a menu (inventory of items on hand) and writing a shopping list

- Planning to drink more water


Self-efficacy for healthy eating

Shop smart

- Saving money at the supermarket (using canned or frozen when fruit & vegetables not in season)

- Understanding labels

- Setting goals (related to buying more fruit & veg while shopping)


Perceived affordability of fruit & vegetables, self-efficacy for healthy eating

Confidence in the kitchen

- Creating quick simple meals from items on hand (include cooking methods, adding fruit & vegetables to simple meals)

- Preventing wastage

- Fruit juice and sugar


Perceived barriers

Saving time and money

- Meal ideas for saving time

- Food safety (to avoid waste)

- Soft drinks and sugar


Perceived barriers

Trying different fruit & vegetables

- Tasting new/different fruit & veg

- Healthy eating outside the home

- Trying sweet-drink alternatives


Self-efficacy for healthy eating, perceived barriers

Confidence in eating healthy at all times

- Modifying recipes

- Eating fruit & vegetables in social situations

- Energy deficit when reducing consumption of sweetened drinks


Self-efficacy for healthy eating, perceived barriers, awareness


- Resources to use for continuing to eat healthy

- Revision of key messages

Ball et al. BMC Public Health 2011 11:715   doi:10.1186/1471-2458-11-715

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