Table 4

Impact of legislation on compliance or injuries/fatalities reported by included studies on child restraints usage in vehicles

Data for compliance



Pre legislation % (sampling interval before legislation)

Post legislation % (sampling interval after legislation)

Method used to obtain data

Collarile et al[41].

Italy, North East

74.7 (12 months)

92.5 (12 months)

Self report of usage

Murrin et al[67].

USA, California

5.6 (no data)

11 (no data)

Direct inspection of usage

Data for injuries/fatalities



Pre legislation (data span used)

Post legislation (data span used)

Method used to obtain data

Rock et al[68].

USA, Illinois

301 (48 months)

293 (48 months)

Database (Illinois Department of Transportation)

Margolis et al[69].

USA, North Carolina

2.19% (66 months)

1.82% (104 months)

Database (North Carolina Collision Reports)

Desapriya et al[5].

Japan, nationwide

No change reported (24 months)

No change reported (24 months)

Database (Traffic Bureau of National Police Agency and Institute for Traffic Accident Research and Data Analysis)

Wong et al. BMC Public Health 2011 11:222   doi:10.1186/1471-2458-11-222

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