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Hospitalisation for rotavirus gastroenteritis in the paediatric population in the Veneto Region, Italy

Mario Saia1, Aurore Giliberti2, Giampietro Callegaro3, Tatjana Baldovin2, Marta Cecilia Busana2, Francesco Pietrobon4, Chiara Bertoncello2 and Vincenzo Baldo2*

Author Affiliations

1 Hospital Services, the Veneto Region, Rio Novo, Italy

2 Department of Environmental Medicine and Public Health, Institute of Hygiene, University of Padua, Italy

3 Medical Directorate, Asolo Local Health Unit, Italy

4 Regional Health Services Directorate, the Veneto Region, Rio Novo, Italy

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BMC Public Health 2010, 10:636  doi:10.1186/1471-2458-10-636

Published: 22 October 2010



This study evaluates the epidemiological impact of RVGE hospitalisation in the Veneto Region during the period spanning from 2000-2007 along with the associated costs. The analysis was conducted in an area where rotavirus vaccination is not included into immunization programmes and is an attempt to assess the potential benefits of such introduction.


To update the estimates of acute RVGE hospitalisation rates in children ≤5 years in the Veneto Region, we conducted an 8 year retrospective observational population-based analysis (2000-2007).


Over the study period, a total of 4,119 admissions for RVGE were reported, with a mean hospital stay of 3.5 days. The population-based hospitalisation RVGE incidence rate was 195.8 per 100,000 children aged ≤5 years (lower than other European countries).


RVGE is an important cause of paediatric hospitalisation in the Veneto Region. The data reaffirm the substantial burden of rotavirus hospitalisations in children and the potential health benefits of the vaccination as well as the possibility of adding rotavirus vaccination to the current schedule.