Table 1

Journals included five German language and five international non-English general psychiatry journals selected for citation analysis of original articles
Journal Language Country of origin Publisher Indexed in Medline IF 2010 AI 2010
Fortschr Neurol Psychiatr German Germany Thieme-Verlag Yes 0.652 0.095
Nervenarzt German Germany Springer-Verlag Yes 0.729 0.114
Nervenheilkunde German Germany Schattauer-Verlag No 0.368 0.033
Psychiatr Prax German Germany Thieme-Verlag Yes 2.204 0.110
Z Psychiatr, Psychol Psychother German Switzerland Huber-Verlag No 1.952 0.163
Ann Med Psychol French France Masson Editeur No 0.161 0.035
Encephale French France Masson Editeur Yes 0.421 0.094
Psychiatr Pol Polish Poland Wydawniczy Polskiego Torwarzystwa Yes 0.173 0.051
Rev Psiq Clin Portuguese1 Brazil Sao Paulo University No 0.648 0.202
Riv Psichiatr Italian Italy Pensiero Scientifico Editor Yes 0.207 0.035

1 In 2009 Revista de Psiquiatria Clinica published a limited number of original articles in English and not in Portuguese. Those articles were not included in the present analysis.

Fortschr Neurol Psychiatr, Fortschritte der Neurologie und Psychiatrie; Nervenarzt, Der Nervenarzt; Nervenheilkunde, Nervenheilkunde; Psychiatr Prax, Psychiatrische Praxis, Z Psychiatr, Psychol Psychother, Zeitschrift für Psychiatrie, Psychologie und Psychotherapie.

Ann Med Psychol, Annales Medico-Psychologiques; Encephale, L’Encephale; Psychiatr Pol, Psychiatria Polska; Rev Psyq Clin, Revista de Psiquiatria Clinica; Riv Psichiatr, Rivista di Psichiatria.

IF, Impact factor; AI, Article influence score. The article influence score is different from the impact factor because it does not consider self-cites and does not rely on citations from journals included in Thomson Reuters’ Science Citation Indices only. Similar to Google’s page rank procedure citations are weighted according to the estimated importance of their source. The article influence score is weighted for the number of articles published in a journal ( webcite). Impact factors and article influence scores were retrieved from Thomson Reuters’ Journal Citation Report. Of note, both indices take not only into account original articles but all citeable articles of a journal.


Baethge BMC Psychiatry 2013 13:102   doi:10.1186/1471-244X-13-102

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