Table 1

DSM IV Research criteria for neuroleptic malignant syndrome
A. Development of severe muscle rigidity and elevated temperature associated with the use of neuroleptic medication
B. Two (or more) of the following
a. diaphoresis,
b. dysphagia,
c. tremor,
d. incontinence,
e. changes in level of consciousness (ranging from confusion to coma),
f. mutism,
g. tachycardia,
h. elevated or labile blood pressure,
i. leukocytosis
j. Laboratory evidence of muscle injury (e.g. elevated CPK creatinine phosphokinase).
C. The symptoms in criteria A and B are not due to another substance, neurological or general medical condition
D. The symptoms in A and B are no better accounted for by a mental disorder

Langan et al.

Langan et al. BMC Psychiatry 2012 12:214   doi:10.1186/1471-244X-12-214

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