Figure 2.

Correlation coefficients of the E-ADL-Test with other procedures (with confidence intervals). N-ADL/IADL: combined subscales of the NOSGER on ADL and IADL. A-O/P: subscale Orientation/Practice of the ADAS-cog. N-mem: subscale Memory of the NOSGER. A-lang: subscale Language of the ADAS-cog. A-mem: subscale Memory of the ADAS-cog. N-soc: subscale Social behaviour of the NOSGER. N-dist: subscale Disturbing behaviour of the NOSGER. N-mood: subscale Mood of the NOSGER.

Luttenberger et al. BMC Psychiatry 2012 12:208   doi:10.1186/1471-244X-12-208
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