Table 3

Overview of study outcomes with corresponding instruments and units of measurement
Construct Component Variable (Instrument)
Parameter [unit]
Physical fitness Cardiorespiratory endurance Aerobic exercise capacity (Cycle ergometer + gas analyzer)
VO2peakrelative for weight [ml·kg-1·min-1]
%HR01 [%]
%HR02 [%]
DE [ml·min-1/WRpeak]
Muscular strength Maximal force (Hand-held dynamometer)
Grip strength [N]
Elbow flexors & extensors [N]
Shoulder abductors [N]
Knee flexors & extensors [N]
Body composition Height [m] (Stadiometer)
Weight [kg] (Electronic scale)
Waist circumference [cm] (Measuring tape)
Skinfold thickness sum of four thicknesses [mm] (Caliper)
Flexibility Range of motion (Goniometer)
Wrist dorsal & palmar extension [degrees]
Elbow flexion & extension [degrees]
Shoulder anteflexion [degrees]
Knee flexion & extension [degrees]
Ankle plantar & dorsal extension [degrees]
Physical activity Objectively assessed physical activity (Accelerometer)
Self-reported physical activity (Activity questionnaire, 16 items)
Subscale Dutch Standard Questionnaire for Activity (12 items)
Subscale FIT Norm (2 items)
Subscale Dutch Activity Norm (2 items)
Health-related quality of life Health-related quality of life (Burn Outcomes Questionnaire, 53 items)
Subscale upper extremity function (7 items)
Subscale physical function and sports (6 items)
Subscale transfers and mobility (5 items)
Subscale pain (2 items)
Subscale itch (2 items)
Subscale appearance (4 items)
Subscale compliance (5 items)
Subscale satisfaction with current state (7 items)
Subscale emotional health (4 items)
Subscale family disruption (5 items)
Subscale parental concern (3 items)
Subscale school re-entry (3 items)
Fatigue Fatigue (PedsQL Multidimensional Fatigue Scale, 18 items)
Subscale General Fatigue score (6 items)
Subscale Sleep/Rest Fatigue score (6 items)
Subscale Cognitive Fatigue score (6 items)

Disseldorp et al.

Disseldorp et al. BMC Pediatrics 2012 12:195   doi:10.1186/1471-2431-12-195

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