Figure 1.

Localization of Palm protein during early mouse eye development. A-C, 9.5 dpc; D-F, 10.5 dpc; G-I, 12.5 dpc; A,D,G Palm; B,E,H cell nuclei stained with ToPro3, C,F,I, merge; Abbreviations- lp, lens placode; ov, optic vesicle; he, head ectoderm; di- lumen of the diencephalon; pce- presumptive corneal epithelium; lv- lens vesicle; pnr- presumptive neural retina; ppe- presumptive retinal pigmented epithelium; L- lens; nr- neural retina; ce- corneal epithelium; os- optic stalk. Arrowheads denote staining in developing neuronal processes that will grow through optic stalk to form the optic nerve. All scale bars are 77 μm. red- Palm; blue-ToPro3 DNA stain.

Castellini et al. BMC Ophthalmology 2005 5:14   doi:10.1186/1471-2415-5-14
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