Figure 6.

Cell viability after treatment with the HER2 IgY-SWNT complex followed by NIR irradiation. Cell viability was examined by calcein AM/EthD-1 fluorescence staining and representative images from each sample are shown. Cells with green fluorescence were considered alive, whereas those with red fluorescence were dead. (A) Untreated SK-BR-3 cells. (B) SK-BR-3 cells treated with SWNT alone. (C) SK-BR-3 cells treated with anti-HER2 IgY antibody alone. (D) SK-BR-3 cells treated with the HER2 IgY-SWNT complex. (E) Untreated MCF-7 cells. (F) MCF-7 cells treated with the HER2 IgY-SWNT complex. All treatments were for 24 h, followed by NIR irradiation with a 808 nm laser at 5 W/cm2 for 2 min. Magnification for all the images (A-F) was 10×. (G) Bar graph showing the percentage of live cells in each sample of SK-BR-3 cells following NIR irradiation. Cells were counted under microscope for 3 randomly selected view fields, and the total number was used for the calculation. The experiment was repeated for 3 times (n = 3). Error bars represent standard deviation. Cells that did not go through treatment and irradiation were used as controls (852 ± 20, 100%). * p < 0.05 and *** p < 0.001 versus control.

Xiao et al. BMC Cancer 2009 9:351   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-9-351
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