Figure 2.

The HER2 IgY-SWNT complex. (A) Schematic representation of SWNTs covalently functionalized with anti-HER2 IgY antibody. (B-E) atomic force microscopy (AFM) images of carboxylated SWNTs prior to conjugation (B and C) and after conjugation (D and E) to anti-HER2 IgY antibodies. Insets shows AFM cross-section analysis indicating the changes in height of SWNTs prior to and after conjugation with anti-HER2 IgY antibodies. The height differences on the surface are indicated by the color code shown on the right. Scale bars represent 60 nm.

Xiao et al. BMC Cancer 2009 9:351   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-9-351
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