Figure 2.

Expression of E-cadherin, Slug and GSK3β proteins in invasive ductal carcinomas of breast. (A) Strong membranous E-cadherin expression in normal breast tissue (B) Loss of E-cadherin membranous localization in tumor cells. (C) Loss of Slug protein in normal breast (D) Nuclear accumulation of Slug in IDC (E) GSK3β expression in normal breast epithelium (F) IDC showing loss cytoplasmic GSK3β (G) GSK3β nuclear localization in tumor cells; and (H&I) Nuclear accumulation of Slug and loss of E-cadherin immunostaining examined on the adjacent sections of the same tumor. (A-I, original magnification × 400). Arrows show Membranous (M), Nuclear (N) and cytoplasmic (C) localization of the proteins.

Prasad et al. BMC Cancer 2009 9:325   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-9-325
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