Figure 3.

FABP7 is expressed in GFAP-positive cells in ODG and OAC. In grade III ODG, FABP7 (A) was expressed only in a subset of reactive astrocytes resembling Types 3 (arrow) and 4 (arrowhead) cells when compared to numerous GFAP-positive cells in an adjacent section (B). FABP7 was expressed in both nuclei and cytoplasm of the microgemistocytes (C) that were GFAP-immunoreactive (D). However, some tumors with microgemistocytes clearly did not express detectable amount of FABP7 (E) compared to GFAP (F). FABP7 was also seen in both nuclei and cytoplasm of tumor cells in some grades II (G) and III (H) OAC, and adjacent sections showed that the same groups of cells were GFAP positive (data not shown). The scale of the photomicrographs is the same as in Figure 1 A.

Liang et al. BMC Cancer 2006 6:97   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-6-97
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