Table 2

Comparison of Median PGE2 Concentrations in ng/mL in NAF Based on Disease Status1

Before (N)

After (N)

Washout (N)

P value

Before v.

After (N)

After v.

Washout (N)

Before v.

Washout (N)


High risk

11.43 (26)

13.22 (22)

14.30 (22)

0.84 (22)

0.91 (21)

0.67 (22)


10.70 (12)

8.11 (11)


0.02 (11)

P value



1: N: sample size; NAF: nipple aspirate fluid; NA: not applicable.

2: Although NAF was collected from both breasts of women with cancer, only NAF from the breast with cancer is included in this Table. In the high risk group, after taking celecoxib NAF collection was unsuccessful in two subjects, and in one the tube broke. In the cancer group, one subject refused NAF collection, and in a second subject the after treatment aspiration was not attempted due to the presence of a needle localization wire.

Sauter et al. BMC Cancer 2006 6:248   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-6-248

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