Figure 2.

Effect of HGF on cell spreading and matrix requirements. (A) Cell spreading behaviors on laminin substrata for PC3 and C4-2 cells exposed to variable concentrations of purified HGF. Because the cells differ in untreated attachment speeds, experiments were terminated at 30 minutes for PC3 cells and 90 minutes for C4-2 cells. At these times, with high concentrations of HGF, filopodia and lamelipodia were visible in approximately 90% of PC3 cells and 65% of C4-2 cells. Both cell lines show a concentration-dependent increase in cell spreading. (B) HGF induction of C4-2 cell spreading is matrix-dependent, with spreading increasing only on laminin-1 matrix (laminin, Fibronectin, Collagen I, and Vitronectin are LM, FN, CollI and VN, respectively). Experimental cell spreading is shown as a percentage of control, untreated cells. Statistically significant differences from the control in each group were below P =< 0.05 (*). For each data point n = 6 or more.

Tate et al. BMC Cancer 2006 6:197   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-6-197
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