Figure 2.

Structure of decision tree model.* * At the beginning of the first Markov cycle, all the probabilities of being in clinical early CRC, clinical late CRC, surveillance for small adenoma, surveillance for large adenoma, screen-detected early CRC, screen-detected late CRC, CRC death, complication death, and other death are zero. Ovals are the chance nodes governed by the probability related to compliance rate, sensitivity, specificity, and referral rate.: Markov cycle. Abbreviations: CRC, colorectal cancer; DNA3, stool DNA testing every 3 years; DNA5, stool DNA testing every 5 years; DNA10, stool DNA testing every 10 years; FOBT1, fecal occult blood testing every year; SIGM5, sigmoidoscopy every 5 years; COLO10, colonoscopy every 10 years; Small adenoma, adenoma smaller than 1 cm in size; large adenoma, adenoma larger than 1 cm in size; early CRC, Dukes' stage A and B colorectal cancer; late CRC, Dukes' stage C and D colorectal cancer.

Wu et al. BMC Cancer 2006 6:136   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-6-136
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