Figure 5.

RT-PCR verification of genes detected by Affymetrix analysis but not by MPSS. All genes were determined to be expressed at 0 tpm by MPSS and detected present in C4-2 (A) or LNCaP (B) Affymetrix data. (A) Lane 1–2 UGT8, 3–4 FOXQ1, 5–6 ZNF533, 7–8 GALC, and 9–10 FLJ23259. (B) Lane 1–2 ZNF625, 3–4 TBRG4, 5–6 TRPV6, 7–8 SLC4A11, and 9–10 LOC286097. Odd lanes are C4-2 and even lanes are LNCaP cDNA. The expression of genes not detected by MPSS but detected by Affymetrix was verified with RT-PCR.

Oudes et al. BMC Cancer 2005 5:86   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-5-86
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