Figure 2.

Comparison of transfection efficiency between tumour center and periphery following two different electroporation protocols GFP expression in rat P22 tumor growing in rat dorsal flap window chamber 2 days after two different electroporation conditions: EP1: 8 electric pulses, 600 V/cm, 5 ms, 1 Hz (a, c); EP2: 8 electric pulses, 1300 V/cm, 0.1 ms, 1 Hz (b, d). Comparison of transfection efficiency in the ROI's of tumor center (a, b) and periphery (c, d) (x10 objective). Arrows: edge of the tumor.

Cemazar et al. BMC Cancer 2004 4:81   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-4-81
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