Additional File 2.

Tab-delimited text file (345 KB) listing all the probesets > 3.0 fold changed in RCC that are identified by the unpaired t-test with p < 0.03. Columns include: the Affymetrix probeset ID, the genbank accession of the sequence which was used in the design of the probeset, the gene symbol, a descriptive title, the cytologic map position of the gene, the unigene cluster ID, the gene ontology biological process ID, the gene ontology cellular component ID, the gene ontology molecular function ID, the -log10 p-value of the paired-sample t-test, the log2 of the ratio of the geometric mean tumor intensity to the geometric mean adjacent normal tissue intensity, whether the probeset had a paired t-test p < 0.03, whether there are multiple probesets with sequence-specific hybridization for this unigene cluster, whether any additional probesets are < 3.0 fold changed or have a t-test p > 0.03 (column labeled "heterogeneous"), and whether the average fold-change and t-test p-value meet our criteria for differential expression (column labeled "kept in final list").

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Lenburg et al. BMC Cancer 2003 3:31   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-3-31