Figure 3.

Predictive value of the immune response signature. (A) ROC-curve of a classifier for metastasis based on number of immune system related probes (brown curve, 14 genes) expressed below the median of the whole set. A cut-off of 8.5 probes (marked with ) was selected based on the ROC-curve shown in this figure (AUC = 0.817). This cut-off yields a specificity of 79% and a sensitivity of 75% (asymptotic significance = 0.001, asymptotic 95% confidence interval = 0.678 – 0.956). For comparison, ROC-curves using one probe for each of the 30 selected genes (related or not to immune response; green curve, 30 genes), or all their associated probes (one gene may have more than one associated probe; blue curve, 44 genes), were not very different. (B) Kaplan Maier-Curve showing cumulated disease-free survival vs. disease-free survival time using the cut-off of 8.5 as described in Figure 3; p = 0.002 (logRank Mantel-Cox), n = 45.

Fehlker et al. BMC Cancer 2014 14:64   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-14-64
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