Figure 10.

Tumor burden in mice injected with control, paclitaxel, CYT387 and combination of paclitaxel plus CYT387-treated cells. Total tumor burden obtained from mice 6 weeks after ip injection of control, paclitaxel-treated, paclitaxel plus CYT387-treated and combination of both CYT387 and paclitaxel-treated HEY cells (n = 5/group). 5×106 cells were inoculated in each case. *P < 0.05, significant increase in tumor burden in paclitaxel-treated HEY cell derived tumors compared to control untreated group; and paclitaxel-treated HEY cell derived tumors to paclitaxel plus CYT387-treated cell derived tumors. Images represent tumors debulked from one mouse in each group.

Abubaker et al. BMC Cancer 2014 14:317   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-14-317
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