Figure 1.

Efficacy and specificity of siRNA anti-Rac3 treatment and effect on RhoA activation in cancer cells and normal mammary epithelial cells. Cells were incubated with 10 nM siRNA (control or anti-Rac3) for 48 h or 72 h, proteins or mRNA were then extracted. (A) RT-PCR was performed to verify the efficiency of Rac3 siRNA. (B) Western blot. (C) Western blot performed to verify the specificity of the Rac3 siRNA. (D) RhoA activation monitored by G-Lisa. Mean ± S.E., N=3 independent experiments. * P<0.05; ***P<0.001.

Gest et al. BMC Cancer 2013 13:63   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-13-63
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