Figure 2.

Infratentorial vs. Supratentorial LGGs. a) Heatmap - infratentorial vs. supratentorial LGGs. Heatmap plot of the gene expression submatrix of the 40 samples restricted to the 331 probe-sets selected by the l1l2 feature selection. The tumours are grouped according to the lesion site (infratentorial vs. supratentorial). Each column represents a sample and each row is associated to a probe-set. The relative expression of the probe-sets is normalized ranging from 0 (blue, under-represented) to 1 (red, over-expressed); b). This figure illustrates a 3-dimensional visualization of the dataset restricted to the 331 selected probe-sets. The 3D representation is obtained by projecting the data submatrix onto its 3 principal components i.e. the components of maximum variance. Red circles represent the supratentorial and the blue circles the infratentorial LGGs; c). EGAN sotware provide a hypergraph visualization showing how enriched gene sets/pathways/GO connect significant genes from LGGs signature along with standard protein-protein interaction.

Mascelli et al. BMC Cancer 2013 13:387   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-13-387
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