Figure 1.

Expression of PBK, PDZK1 and ANLN protein in breast cancer. A: Western blot analysis of PBK, PDZK1 and ANLN protein expression across a panel of 7 breast cancer cell lines of varying invasive capabilities. ANLN antibody specificity also validated by shRNA-mediated knockdown (data not shown). B: Validation of the PBK and PDZK1 antibodies by immunohistochemistry in a panel of FFPE breast cancer cell lines (x20 magnification). The T47D, MDA-MB-231 and Hs578T (i8) cell lines are specifically shown. Antibody positivity is indicated by the brown DAB staining. C: Representative cores of ANLN, PDZK1 and PBK protein expression from the TMAs graded on a scale from 0 to 3+ for protein staining intensity. Vertical red line represents the cut-off between low and high protein expression for each biomarker.

O┬┤Leary et al. BMC Cancer 2013 13:175   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-13-175
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