Table 4

Reports of miR-200 in ovarian cancer
miRNA Findings Reference
200a/b/c High expression in ovarian cancer samples [7,8,10]
High expression correlated with decreased progression-free survival [8]
Decreased in tumors with high β-tubulin III levels [33]
200a Increased in 43% of primary ovarian carcinomas, associated with high-grade and late-stage tumors [9]
High expression correlated with recurrence free survival and, or, overall survival [34,35]
Increased tumour growth, targets p38α and modulates oxidative stress signature [34]
Sensitized tumors to paclitaxel [34]
200c Targeted TUBB3 for degradation leading to increased paclitaxel sensitivity [36]
Low levels associated with incomplete response to paclitaxel–carboplatin chemotherapy and recurrence [33]
Decreased adhesion to basement membrane complex [36]
Repressed ZEB1, decreased migration and invasion in HEY cells [36]

Kan et al.

Kan et al. BMC Cancer 2012 12:627   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-12-627

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