Figure 5.

LVMD in breast cancer specimens and lymph nodes with ECM1 and VEGF-C staining. A: LMVD in both ECM1- and VEGF-C-positive (E+V+) tumor specimens was higher than in both ECM1- and VEGF-C-negative (E-V-) ones (P < 0.05). B: The LMVD within the 41 lymph nodes from different assemblies (i.e. E-V-, E-V+, E+V- and E+V+) for both ECM1 and VEGF-C staining were statistically different (P < 0.05), but no statistically significant tendency was identified between the assemblies. Abbreviations: E-V-: negative for both ECM1 and VEGF-C staining; E-V+: negative for ECM1 staining but positive for VEGF-C staining; E+V-: positive for ECM1 staining but negative for VEGF-C staining; E+V+: positive for both ECM1 and VEGF-C staining.

Wu et al. BMC Cancer 2012 12:47   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-12-47
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