Figure 2.

Salinomycin induces apoptosis in human CC cells. 1 x 106 Mz-ChA-1, TFK-1 and EGI-1 cells were cultured until confluence, followed by subsequent incubation of cells in the absence or presence of 1 mM Gemcitabine, 1 μM, 2 μM, 5 μM or 10 μM Salinomycin for 24 hours. Cells were trypsinized and stained with Annexin V-FITC and analyzed by flow cytometry. (A) As expected, treatment with Gemcitabine (dotted line in overlay) led to very weak increase of apoptotic cells in all tested cell lines in comparison to untreated cells (solid bright line). In contrast, Salinomycin induced strongly augmented number of apoptotic cells for Mz-ChA-1 and TFK-1, whereas EGI-1 cells revealed a pronounced resistance towards Salinomycin-induced apoptosis (solid dark line). Results are shown as representative scatter-grams of Annexin V+ cells or summarizing 3 independent experiments as mean ± SD (B).

Lieke et al. BMC Cancer 2012 12:466   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-12-466
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