Figure 4.

B, E, R, T mRNA expression in NSCLC tumors. In (A), distribution of normal (yellow), low (green) and high (red) mRNA expression is shown. The majority of tumors expressed normal RQ values for BRCA1, ERCC1 and RRM1, while in relatively few tumors the expression of all genes was low. (B): To be able to further analyze our cohort, we created a binary scale for RQ values, including all those aberrant from normal (yellow) in one category (red). (C): Classification of RQ values as normal and aberrant-from-normal yielded a comparable incidence of each category in the entire tumor series and in treatment related groups. Incidence (numbers within bars) and rates (Y-axis) of tumors with normal (yellow) and aberrant (red) relative expression values for each gene in three study groups are shown.

Kotoula et al. BMC Cancer 2012 12:342   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-12-342
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