Figure 1.

Hierarchical clustering of the colon tumor samples and the 1722 selected genes A) Classification of the 89 (sample CT102 is replicated) tumor samples in four main clusters. Yellow shadow: Cluster-1, Low-stroma-subtype; green: Cluster-2, Immunoglobulin-related-subtype; red: Cluster-3, High-stroma-subtype; blue: Cluster-4, Mucinous-subtype; and brown: Cluster-5, unclassified samples. Dukes’ stages are specified below the tree. B) Each column in the heatmap represents one sample and each row represents one gene. The relative levels of gene expression within each sample against the reference pool are illustrated according to the color scale bar (4 fold induction (red); -4 fold inhibition (blue)). The principal sections of the graph that distinguish between clusters are indicated with a color bar on the right. The green bar localizes gene 270 to gene 523, a group of 253 genes with low expression in cluster 1 and high expression in cluster 3; the red bar corresponds to genes 524 to 664 a group of 140 genes, whose expression is lower in cluster 1. Blue bar localizes genes 997 to 1102 a group of 105 genes with a higher expression in cluster 4 compared to 3. Yellow bar localizes genes from 1247 to 1352 a group of 105 genes specific for cluster 2 (see Supplemental data for the list of the 1722 genes).

Perez Villamil et al. BMC Cancer 2012 12:260   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-12-260
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