Figure 1.

Gleevec reduces TA in K562 cells. (a) The Gel-based TRAP assay was performed with 32P-ATP labeled TS primer using the 2-step PCR conditions: 94°C/30 sec and 59°C/30 sec for 27 cycles. The amount of extract (expressed as cell number) present in telomerase-positive samples (293T, K562, HL60 and Jurkat) and negative controls (IMR90 and samples with RNase) is shown above each lane. K562, HL60 and Jurkat cells were subjected to 1 μM Gleevec treatment for 16 h. (b) Normalized relative TA from Gel-based TRAP assay was determined using ImageQuant TL in non-treated and 1 μM Gleevec treated K562, HL60 and Jurkat cells for 16 h. (c) Quantitative telomerase assay showing relative TA in K562 cells. Error bars represent standard deviation from three experiments. (d) Telomere length assay of K562, HL60 and Jurkat cells under Gleevec treatment. (e) Percentage of telomeres less than 1.0 kb as determined by STELA after 1, or 3 weeks with 0.05 μM Gleevec

Chai et al. BMC Cancer 2011 11:512   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-11-512
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