Figure 4.

Reduced tumour growth and increased survival following reovirus/docetaxel combination therapy. Nude mice bearing subcutaneous PC3 tumours were treated on days 0 and 3 with either 1 × 108 pfu reovirus alone i.t. (diamonds), 5 mg/kg docetaxel alone i.p. (squares), or reovirus and docetaxel in combination (triangles). Control treated mice (circles) and single therapy treated mice received equivalent HBSS vehicle control injections. Tumours were measured on the days indicated and tumour volume expressed as tumour volume relative to volume at commencement of treatment. Docetaxel alone had no effect on tumour volume compared to control treatment (p > 0.05). Reovirus alone had a moderate effect (p < 0.05 day 9 and p < 0.001 day 11), but the greatest effect was when reovirus therapy was combined with docetaxel (p < 0.05 day 8, p < 0.01 day 9 and p < 0.001 day 11). Mice were euthanized when tumours exceeded 15 mm in any one dimension. Data shown are representative of three independent experiments.

Heinemann et al. BMC Cancer 2011 11:221   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-11-221
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