Table 1

Summary of selection process and interview topics



Selection Criteria and Rationale

Topics discussed

Semi- structured interviews


12 mothers

12 husbands

12 grand-mothers#

Mother gave birth to living baby in last 4 months, but was not currently in postpartum period*.

Grandmother cared for daughter during the postpartum period.

Range of ages in mother.

Practices, beliefs and reasons.

Extent to which these practices are implemented.

Perceptions of practices, their benefits and harms. Decision making processes.

Health problems related to practices.

Key informant interviews

4 Health workers

Provided postpartum services in study settings. Experience of practices.

Practices being implemented. Health problems related to practices.

Key informant interviews

4 Traditional medicine practitioners

Worked in Maternal and Child Health Care in study settings

Reasons for practices.

TCM theory in relation to practices.

*Interviewing mothers during the postpartum period was felt to be intrusive. Families would still have good recall of events of the postpartum period during the 4 months.

# Grandmother refers to infant's grandmother.

Raven et al. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2007 7:8   doi:10.1186/1471-2393-7-8

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