Table 5

Preferred design of postpartum intervention program among focus group participants with a history of gestational diabetes


Representative Quotes

Focus of intervention

"GDM comes with a whole team of professionals, but what is missing is a place to bounce off how to move forward [after delivery] with life ideas in a positive surrounding, as opposed to looking back at mistakes."

Interest in group meetings

"Group meetings [are] good for socialization and social support."

"Helpful to hear from peers, but so busy/impossible to schedule."

"Start out with a group meeting so everyone gets to know each other and let them decide what they want the interactions to be, [like] maybe meeting again on a regular basis, then contact online. If you don't get to know anyone by seeing them in person first, you won't feel connected to an online group."

"If time were not an issue, getting out of the house to a gym and/or organized exercise class would be fun and ideal."

"Timing is key, we don't have very much of it!"

Interest in an internet-based intervention

"Use of internet convenient"

"Not just internet alone."

Interest in an phone-based intervention

"Phones are too much of a hassle to hold! "

Interest in a lifestyle coach

"I like the idea of a lifestyle coach because it seems more like a partner than someone who will talk down to you. With a coach you are a client, whereas with a doctor you are a patient."

Nicklas et al. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2011 11:23   doi:10.1186/1471-2393-11-23

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