Table 3

Baseline and follow-up assessments for each participant at each time point
Outcome Assessment Baseline1 Post-Intervention2 6-mo Post Randomization3 12-mo Post Randomization4
Patient Health Questionnaire, (PHQ-9) [37,38] X5 X X X
NIH Stroke Scale (NIHSS) [32,39-41] X5 X X X
WMFT, 15 timed items X X X X
WMFT, 2 strength items X X X X
WMFT Functional Ability Scale, 15 items (WMFT- FAS)[42,43] X X X X
Stroke Impact Scale (SIS) X X X X
Cognitive Battery – 5 items X X
· Short Blessed Memory Orientation & Concentration Test[44] X X
· D-KEFS Verbal Fluency Test[45] X X
· Hopkins Verbal Learning Test, Revised[46] X X
· Digits Span Backward X X
· Color Trails 1 & 2 [47,48] X X
Upper Extremity Fugl-Meyer, Motor (UEFM) [49,50] X X X X
Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS)[51-53] X X X X
Arm Muscle Torque Test [54] X X X X
AsTex Sensory Index [55] X X X X
Motor Activity Log, 28 item (MAL-28)[56] X X X
EQ5D [57] X X X X
Confidence in Arm & Hand Measure (CAHM) X X X X
Reintegration to Normal Living Index (RNLI) [58,59] X X X X
Single-Item Quality of Life Measure (SQOL) [60,61] X X X X
Physiologic Measures X X X X
Monthly Telephone Follow-up5 X X X
Post-Intervention Exit Interview5 X
Final Study Exit Interview5 X

Unless otherwise specified, assessments are administered and scored by standardized BE’s.

1Randomization occurs after baseline and between 14–106 days post stroke; thus participant and all study personnel are blinded to treatment group assignment at the baseline evaluation.

2Post-Intervention Evaluation occurs between 16–20 weeks post-randomization.

36-month Post-Randomization Evaluation occurs between 24–28 weeks post-randomization.

412-month Post-Randomization Evaluation occurs between 50–64 weeks post-randomization.

5Items at given time points are measured by local site team personnel and not by BE’s.

Winstein et al.

Winstein et al. BMC Neurology 2013 13:5   doi:10.1186/1471-2377-13-5

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